"Richard cares about making sure that systems and technology really work for the people who matter most - the people who use care and support services, their families and carers - and that passion is at the heart of everything he does. This means he brings rigour, attention to detail and challenge to the process of design and delivery that can help organisations achieve their ambitions"

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence

“I’ve enjoyed working with Richard who brings the pragmatism, attention to detail and drive that comes from working long enough with the public sector to know that all these are key elements to the success of projects. I particularly value his experience of IT commissioning, contracting and business planning. He’s also savvy about how various stakeholders think. He was recommended to me by someone I trust. It was a good tip.”

Dr Rupert McShane, Consultant Psychiatrist specializing in dementia,
Chair of Neighbourhood Return service Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

“Richard has a rare talent and ability to bridge business and technology, and move from detail to strategy. He presents well, plans meticulously, and works tirelessly. He can see the big picture and set the big picture, identify solutions and manage their construction. Richard works well on his own or as part of a team, engages well with customers and partners, and would be a tremendous asset in any organisation.”

Peter Houselander, Director of Health & Social Care, Northgate Information Solutions

“I've worked for 15 years with Richard, and for a number of employers. I've always found Richard to be highly intelligent, energetic, creative, trustworthy and loyal. Together we've developed numerous successful business propositions in the Social Care domain. I'd recommend Richard to anyone looking for those undoubted skills and traits.”

Tony Barron, Business Development Director, Health and Social Care, Northgate Information Solutions

“Richard brings to his present position both a wealth of experience in the field and in life, as well as a richness of intelligence, openness of heart and divergent original thought that must mark him out from his competitors and make him a unique find for those wishing to navigate the territory that he has made his own. I have known Richard for a number of years and found him to be trustworthy, deep and kind.”

Clive Lindley-Jones, Director, Helix House Natural Health Centre

“I have worked with Richard over the last 6 months and during that time he has demonstrated himself as a more-than-capable project manager with an ability to have both eyes on the detail whilst also driving the project forwards in terms of it’s bigger picture. Neither are easy skills to master but Richard has them both and he's a nice chap as well!”

Paul Mellor, Owner, Mellor & Scott Design Ltd

“I worked with Richard for over 6 years whilst at Anite, initially in the Swift Implementation Practice, which he led, and then latterly in the Supporting People programme. I found Richard to be a dilligent, thoughtful and pragmatic Manager. He is able to digest information, particularly policy and strategy tomes, and quickly determine the salient points, direction and implications. He did this with great effect and impact on the Supporting People project, leading on the development and design issues required on a ground up software project, culminating in a feature rich product that enjoyed both successful sales and timely implementations.”

Mark Hill, Senior Social Care Consultant at PwC

"Richard has helped me explore important business issues. He is an excellent listener, and is thoughtful and insightful. His use of constellations opens up insights that were not obvious.  It allows me to look at situations with fresh understanding of other players' viewpoints."

Richard H, owner and MD of environmental consultancy firm