Past successes

Throughout my career I have demonstrated the ability to

  • take new ideas
  • flesh them out in pragmatic ways
  • build and manage the teams to deliver them.

From 1997 onwards, I was a key member of the management team of Sheridan Systems Ltd. Sheridan was the leading supplier of software to British social services departments. Between 1997 and 2009 we doubled the turnover from £7.5million to £15million and the staff from 60 to 120 plus an offshore capacity.

My first step into management was creating a highly skilled Management Information team. In 1999, I took over the failing development of a new Windows-style product to be called SWIFT. I rapidly focused the team’s priorities releasing production quality software within 9 months after an extended 3 years of R&D had brought the company close to bankruptcy.

The Directors then gave me the task of establishing a new Implementation Services team from scratch and over the following years I built a team of 34 project managers, consultants, trainers and data migrators. Between us we managed up to a dozen concurrent projects worth between £500k and £2million each.

The next business opportunity I developed was around the government’s Supporting People initiative. By moving fast with a compelling offer, I was able to capture more customers for our new Supporting People Local System than any other supplier. By now Sheridan Systems had become part of Anite. I utilized the greater resources to run the largest concurrent implementation project ever undertaken by the company – installing and configuring the administrative and payments system simultaneously across 43 councils to an unmovable deadline of 1 April 2003. I also bid for and delivered the national roll-out of the SP Client Subsidy Tool on behalf of the then Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The SP programme that I managed was worth £5millionto Anite, made a healthy profit and involved over 75 staff at its peak. More recently, I managed the complex bid to the Department of Health for three overlapping projects under the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Demonstrator Site Programme. We won contracts for multiple millions to integrate our software to the NHS Spine and a range of other enhancements to improve information sharing, efficiency and personalization of services. At this point, Northgate Public Services (part of private equity group KKR) had purchased the Anite Public Services division. I operated as Programme Director as well as Business Development Manager overseeing the product management team.