Projects 2011 - 12

Projects & Customers include:

scielogoSocial Care Institute for Excellence

Created the functional requirements for their new public facing website:

finemegoodlogoStage managed the software development company and the design agency as the interface between them and SCIE.

A core member of the delivery team.

Managed user acceptance testing phase & engagement of care providers through to successful launch in October 2012 with support of many key stakeholders across the social care sector.



Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Neighbourhood Return project

nrlogoUsing a volunteer network to locate and safely return people with dementia who wander

The project had been running for two years and established wide support from a range of stakeholders. I was recruited in September 2011 to bring my social entrepreneurial skills to bear. This brought fresh momentum. I recruited a commercial design agency to the team to bring improved branding and public engagement approaches. The scheme is utilising the re-invigorated Neighbourhood Watch network of volunteers. I specified and commisioned the necessary extensions to their IT infrastructure. A 24/7 local authority call centre will take calls from carers when their loved one with dementia has gone missing. Mobile telephony and email will be used to summon a small team of local volunteers able and willing to take part in a search.

An estimated 15,000 care home admissions per annum across England & Wales are triggered by someone with dementia getting lost. By mitigating the effects of getting lost and improving the peace of mind of carers, we expect to reduce care home admissions generating significant cash savings to people with dementia, their families and local authorities. My role covered project management, business case development, IT specification & procurement and writing funding bids.

After winning £192,000 of Silver Dreams BIG Lottery funding, we transferred the R&D project to the Neighbourhood Watch & Home Network for operational running. We were able to appoint a fulltime Service Manager to roll the service out live across Oxfordshire. For more details, see



Intellect & ADASS Information Management Group

Intellect  HomeIn January 2012, I was re-elected Social Care lead for Intellect, the UK’s technology trade association.

I have developed a partnership with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services Information Management Group. This included facilitating supplier feedback on their vision for the future of Adult Social Care information systems and organising the October 2012 ADASS IMG conference with the Intellect events management team. The conference was a huge success with new Care Minister Norman Lamb speaking. It established itself as the leading event for social care information systems and technology.

Slides are available on the Intellect website.



Book project

bookI have drafted a book aimed at anyone considering a career in adult social care. In particular, younger folk who have ambitions to make a difference in the sector.

My central tenet is : "You can become an effective leader in adult social care in many different ways that all have value".

The book will be an easy read and available as an e-book, though the hard copy will enable easier use of little exercises that will be embedded. The working title is:

"Making a Difference in Adult Social Care - release your leadership ambition"