CareStellations™ is a new tool for anyone working in the care and health sector.

CareStellations can be used 1:1 for coaching or with teams and partners for organisational development.

You may be a volunteer running a local dementia group or you may be the Chief Executive of a large NHS Foundation Trust. You may be commissioning director in a council or a social work team manager. You may be a charitable or commercial provider of care services.

You have an important role to play in helping people with their care and health.

It can be difficult, frustrating work.

Especially at a time of decreasing public resources and increasing demand.

Do you find yourself hitting barriers within your organisation or with suppliers or customers / members of the public?

If so, CareStellations™ can help you.

CareStellations is a technique to explore where you fit into the web of care and support around you.

If it sometimes feels as if you are hitting your head against a brick wall, then we may be able to show you an open door.

CareStellations works on a one-to-one basis.

Or, if you are responsible for a team or department, CareStellations can be used with your colleagues to understand how your collective effectiveness can be improved.

The approach is drawn from Systemic Constellations, a methodology now widely used around the world. In Constellations work we use representatives of people or factors within your situation in order to explore the deeper truths of underlying dynamics. It goes beyond dry rational analysis, drawing on our innate intuition as to the right order of care in the most challenging of human circumstances. CareStellations enables you to embody a subtle - or occasionally dramatic - change that you can make to improve a work or personal situation that has been feeling stuck. It offers you the chance to experience that change from the inside in the safety of a confidential session, so that you can put it into effect in your life when the time is right.

Because we work with representatives and sometimes abstract symbols, it is possible to explore your issues without us even needing to know actual details of individual colleagues or relatives who may be involved. In fact, as facilitators we will not be interested in many details of names, past actions, etc. The facilitator’s role is to map the dynamics at play within your system or “constellation” and then allow you to work with those forces and play with the effects of subtle changes. It will give you more objectivity on your situation and empathy with the other key actors.

CareStellations is at your service.

Please get in touch, if you think we could help.




Richard Pantlin also co-hosts public workshops on Family Constellations through the Oxford Institute of Systemic Constellations. For more details, see